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Anord wins multiple Busduct Contracts

Anord wins multiple Busduct Contracts

17 January 2011

Anord has recently been awarded multiple contracts for Busduct installations ranging from 630A to 6300A and for industries as diverse as Energy from Waste, Data Centres and Hospitals. In the last number of months we have supplied and installed approximately 2 kilometres of busduct.

Some notable projects include:

Data Centre - Ireland: 

28 separate busduct runs, varying from 1600A IP54 to 3200A IP67.  Longest individual runs were over 90m (3200A) – with a total of over 600m of busduct supplied

Hospital – UK:

Over 950m of busduct supplied – from 630A feeders with more than 200 tap offs, to 2500A transformer connections.  Longest individual runs were in excess of 350m

Energy from Waste – UK:

Four 4000A runs and two 6300A runs.  These runs connected transformers at ground level to distribution units at various heights within the building

Data Centres – Ireland / Europe:

A number of other data centre projects varying from 125m to over 300m.  

Product Development – Busduct:

Busduct supplied and installed by Anord is manufactured by Henikwon Corporation – who recently achieved fire resistance tests at 800C in accordance with IEC60331. The tests were carried out at the FILK (Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea) and were tested with the busduct operating under normal conditions. 

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