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New Anord AMS System

New Anord AMS System

12 May 2008

Anord are introducing their AMS (Anord Modular System) New Low-Voltage Switchgear System, designed to meet the requirements of the ever changing developments within industry.

The Anord Low-Voltage Switchgear System has been developed from our previous system which has proven itself for over 20 years worldwide. In developing this system we have drawn on the strong points of the existing system and incorporated new thinking and customer feedback to achieve a highly flexible, versatile, cost effective, safe and robust system which is future proofed for many years to come.
The enclosure system is constructed from maintenance free bolted joints to give a long service life. The system design allows for great flexibility in cubicle arrangement to facilitate the incorporation of a wide range of components and applications. The modular approach to construction also facilitates on site modifications and alterations to allow the system to be adapted to changing site requirements.
The design of the busbar system allows for total versatility with the options to mount the horizontal busbar in the top, middle or bottom of the panel. The location can also be changed through the panel to facilitate different cable entry requirements. The vertical feeder busbars can be arranged for front or rear access. The horizontal and vertical busbar systems are fully segregated to greatly reduce the possibility of internal arcing developing within the busbar systems and the materials used also assist in arc quenching within a short time.
The busbar systems can be offered with bare, tinned or insulated copper with 100% neutral rating as standard. All joints within the busbar system are pressure bolted and can be offered as maintenance free option if required.
The system can be offered as straight line, double fronted, back to back, U shaped and Close Coupled Package Substation configurations.
The Anord Low-Voltage Switchgear System has been designed to safely deliver high performance and reliability with features that extend all market sectors.

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