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Busduct Range


Anord is a leading provider of critical power systems incorporating Switchgear, Busduct and Automation systems across a diverse range of industry sectors, including; Data centres, Energy from Waste, Nuclear power, Rail and Water utilities.

Our GS range of busduct is a key element in our broad capability range and allows us to provide end to end power distribution solutions from the MV/LV power transformer to your final loads. Whether you require rising mains busbar in a commercial high-rise building, or a complete data centre power distribution system interconnecting 3rd party equipment such as generators, UPS and Chillers, we have a full range of busduct products and installation solutions to satisfy your requirements.

Utilising copper or aluminium conductors, our GS busduct system is manufactured with an extruded aluminium casing, providing robust mechanical protection, superior temperature performance and excellent whole life benefits. Due to its lightweight properties and class leading joint design, by installing our GS range of busduct you are ensuring that installation of the system is safe and hassle free, regardless of location or orientation.

You may be dissatisfied with your existing busduct supplier or are simply interested in exploring busduct as a cost effective alternative to traditional cable installations. Either way we would be pleased to provide you with impartial advice on your power distribution system and furnish you with a proposal and design that fits your needs. Join the growing list of global businesses that have placed their trust in Anord to take care of their critical power infrastructure.