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Anord’s ‘GS’ range Busduct system is a non-ventilated, naturally cooled, low impedance, light weight, Aluminium encased, sandwich type busbar. It is rated between 500 and 6000 Amps and available with Aluminium or Copper conductors. Epoxy, Mylar or Teflon sheet encase and insulate the conductors within their Aluminium housing.

Straight lengths of Busduct can be fitted with tap-off outlets suitable to accept plug-ins. The unique design of the tap-off outlets prevent improper installation. Plug-in boxes can be fitted with Interlocked doors and also with either a fused switch or a MCCB. Design of plug-in boxes can vary dependent upon specification and installation constraints.

Joining Busduct sections together is straight forward. The ‘slotted’ and ‘bolted’ ends can easily be brought together and secured with one bolt. There is a small disc in the head of the bolt that changes colour to indicate that the correct torque has been applied. Finishing covers can then be fitted for a maintenance free joint.

At Anord we strongly believe in investing in innovation and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Therefore we would be more than willing to discuss any special design requirements to help facilitating unusual or demanding circumstances.