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Unlike many other Busbar types, Anords Busduct is Aluminium encased, not steel. This robust and lightweight design helps to reduce transit costs and makes handling and installation easier.

The Anord Busduct Range can be installed on either its long edge or its short edge, performance and safety is not compromised either way. The 'Unistrut' galvanised steel channel system (or similar) is recommended to assist in the support of Anord Busduct. All Anord Busduct can be fitted with fire barriers that meet the requirements of EN60439-2 and of Fire resistance class S120 (for GS-A) and S90 (for GS-C) to DIN 4102 Part 9.

From either edge of the Busduct to a wall, ceiling, obstruction or other Busduct please allow a minimum air gap of 50mm. Joints must be accessible for maintenance. Expansion joints can be supplied where necessary for the 'taking-up' of thermal expansion and contraction in vertical and/or horizontal runs.