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Anord are Strategic Partners for Exertherm™ Continuous 24x7, Thermal Monitoring.

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Exertherm™ is a system specifically designed to provide hotspot detection via Continuous 24x7 Thermal Monitoring of critical electrical connections predicting and identifying the exact location of the problem long before failure. As a strategic integration partner, Anord are now providing Exetherm as an embedded option to our class leading range of AMS switchgear.

Exertherm™ comprises of small, plastic, Infrared, non-contact, non-powered sensors that provide a Delta T temperature measurement, and are permanently installed INSIDE electrical equipment to directly view, and continuously monitor the thermal condition of critical joints in energised electrical equipment.

This new technology enables permanent, non-invasive detection of hotspots at an early stage of development; therefore avoiding potential downtime resulting from Arc Flash / power outage incidents.

Exertherm™ 24x7 Continuous Thermal Monitoring is a different and completely unique form of IR monitoring and is now being increasingly recognised & adopted as the new 'Best Practice' technology solution for mission critical facilities due to significant & tangible benefits over traditional thermal imaging technology.

  • Monitors 100% of the time instead of periodic 'snapshot' - typically 1 year per day
  • Direct line of sight via internally installed non-contact IR sensors
  • Integrated real-time data
  • Does not put operators at risk

The Exertherm™ System provides:

  • Ablity to monitor critical cable / busbar joints with pre-set (user definable) alarms
  • Solution for both retrofit / new build and LV / MV applications
  • On-going trand analysis allows detection of problems at an early stage of development
  • Increased device reliability and uptime due to avoided downtime & reduced need for intervention maintenance
  • Improved operator and facility safety (Arc Flash)
  • Integrated real-time data to BMS/SCADA 24x7 365 days a year = improved critical asset integrity
  • Enhanced protection for critical circuits operating at low load

Continuously protect your facility with Exertherm™ 24x7 Thermal Monitoring - The Next Technology Step...

For further information on Exertherm™ integrated by Anord, please contact Alan Mc Cartney, Sales Director.