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Intelligent Package Substations

Intelligent Package Substation Intelligent Package Substation

Since launching the first generation of our intelligent switchgear family in 1998, Anord have the largest installed base of intelligent switchgear in the UK & Irish markets.

Specifically with the new UK Building Regulations 'Part L 2A' in mind and to promote the safe operation of high current LV switchgear, Anord have developed and launched the first Intelligent Package Substation.

Utilising Anord software, industry standard fieldbus and the latest component technology, the Anord Intelligent Package Substation offers users the most comprehensive power monitoring and load management package in the market. Advanced features include; true temperature monitoring of busbar joints and the ability to safely switch circuit breakers with potentially high fault current from the safety of a password protected touch screen HMI at the Substation's ICA section.

With a number of blue chip clients already investing in the Anord Intelligent Package Substation, it is clear that this is the industry standard of the future.


- User Friendly Touch Screen HMI (optional)
- Ability to network multiple Substations to Anord or 3rd party SCADA or EMS
- Active Power Flow Mimic/Status displayed on the HMI
- Safe switching of circuit breakers, remotely at the ICA section
- Power monitoring and waveform trending of individual circuits
- Status monitoring of circuit breakers, transformers, surge arrestors etc
- Temperature monitoring of transformers, critical busbar joints and cable terminations
- THDI & THDV Harmonic analysis
- Alarms available for over temperature, over current and circuit breaker trip
- Load shedding programs available
- Fully factory configured and tested prior to shipping

Specification Overview

MV/LV Transformer Ratings 400 kVA to 4500 kVA
LV Busbar System Current Rating 800A to 6300A
LV Busbar System Short Circuit Rating (36kA/1s) (50kA/1s) (50kA/3s)
(80 kA/1s) (100kA/1s)
Low Voltage Ratings 400V / 690V
Construction Separation Up to IEC-61439, Up to Form 4B
Cable Access Top, Bottom, Front or Rear
Ingress protection IP 54, IP 42 or IP 31
Panel Colour Available in all RAL or BS colours