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Client: Sembcorp
Anord Value: Excess of: 500,000
Anord Program: 12 Weeks

Scope of Supply

The Sembcorp Biomass Power Station, also referred to as ‘Wilton 10’ began commercial operations in October 2007 and boasts the title of the United Kingdom’s first ever large scale wood to energy power facility. The 64 Million plant was a major step forward in the production of biomass-generated renewable energy in the UK. Producing 35 MW of electricity (enough to power a small town) it consumes ca 300,000 tonnes of wood per year as its fuel. In 2011, Anord were selected directly by Sembcorp to provide a large Modular Power Distribution Centre and MCC to provide power distribution and control for an expansion on the site. The new plant was constructed by Sembcorp for SITA UK which provides electricity for many of the Oil & Gas companies operating from the Wilton campus. The Modular Power Distribution Centre was fully factory tested and commissioned at Anord's works and installed on site, ready for cabling within 4 hours of delivery.