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South East Forties

South East Forties
Client: British Petroleum
Anord Value: Excess of: 3 million
Anord Program: 18 weeks

Scope of Supply

The Forties Oil Field is the largest oil field in the North Sea, Located 110 miles east of Aberdeen. It was discovered in 1970 and first produced oil in 1975 under ownership of British Petroleum. There are five fixed platforms around the field: Forties Alpha, Forties Bravo, Forties Charlie, Forties Delta and Forties Echo. A riser platform, Forties Unity, lies further to the west and remains owned by BP as a strategic asset for accessing the forties Pipeline System without being dependent on the older access point, Forties Charlie. Prior to selling the asset in 2003, BP selected Anord to provide an extensive range of LV switchgear which was specifically type tested to demonstrate 100kA/1s fault withstand ratings.  All of the equipment was installed and commissioned by specially trained Anord site teams, who were flown to and from the platforms via Silorsky S-71 helicopters.