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Client: Costain
Anord Value: Excess of: 2 million
Anord Program: 24 Weeks

Scope of Supply

Evaporator D is a new de-commissioning facility which is required to provide additional capacity to process highly active liquid waste at one of the UK's largest Nuclear sites,. One of the key construction strategies of this highly critical project was to fabricate the building in modules off-site, for subsequent installation into a building shell, enabling parallel equipment fabrication and on-site construction. This strategy extended to the main power infrastructure and load centres, which Anord secured as a sub-contract from Costain Ltd. The Anord scope of supply included a number of package substations which were constructed, tested and enclosed into dedicated Modular Switchroom Buildings off site. Each of these Modular Switchroom Buildings was fitted-out with MV/LV Transformer, close coupled LV switchgear, battery charger/tripping units and electrical network protection panels to meet the project requirements. Anord were also contracted to supply the level 2 Sub Main Switchgear and MCC panels. All of the switchgear provided for the project was constructed from the Anord AMS range, which has been seismically tested and certified in compliance with British Nuclear Standards. Furthermore, the Modular Switchroom Buildings were provided with a 60 year lifetime guarantee. To deliver the off-site strategy, a significant amount of early engagement took place between the client, Anord and the Costain engineering team.